OXO Bio-Degradable Eco Bubble Tea Straws (6pcs)

OXO Bio-Degradable Eco Bubble Tea Straws (6pcs)

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Product Description:
  • Most cost effective option
  • A Plastic Straw with the additive Reverte which alters the molecular structure of the plastic, giving the end user the same experience as a normal PP straw with all liquids including high acid juices
  • The added eco advantage of having an approximate lifespan of 18 months after its useful life instead of 30+ years, like a normal straw. After an initial 48 hours of sunlight, and exposure to oxygen, the straw will begin to degrade, eventually become brittle, slowly breaking down to where it can be then be attacked in a micro-biological form, eventually degrading to CO2 and Biomass.


  • ASTM D6954-04(2013) American Standard Guide for Exposing and Testing;
  • Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation;
  • This covers Tier 1 Degradability, Tier 2 Biodegradability, Tier 3 Eco-toxicity EN13432 Ecotoxicity (Only);
  • USA and EU FDA approvals For Plastics coming into contact with Food.


  • Green striped straight bubble tea straw 175mm x 10mm
  • Flat cut on one end and angle cut on the other end
  • Pack of 6
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