Why is it different to other bubble tea kits in the market?

  • No actual cooking required.
  • Quick and easy to prepare.
  • Consistent texture and flavour every time.
  • Minimal food waste.
  • Tapioca pearls comes in a variety of flavours. This is unique to us.

 What is the serving size per bubble pack?

Serving size: 500 ml

What else do I need to enjoy the bubble tea kits?
You need your own drinking cup/glass/container/bottle and a microwave to heat the bubble packs.

Are the tapioca pearls gluten free?
Yes, our tapioca pearls are made from tapioca starch, the root of the cassava plant, and is gluten free.

Are the tapioca pearls vegan & vegetarian friendly?
Yes, our tapioca pearls are made from vegan & vegetarian friendly ingredients.

Where can I find nutritional information for the bubble packs?
This can be found on our product pages.

How do I store the bubble packs?
Please keep the bubble packs frozen at or below -18'C.

Do I need to remove the tapioca pearls from the packaging before heating?
No, the bubble packs are microwave safe and can be heated directly in the microwave.

Do I need to defrost the bubble pack before heating?
No, this is not required as the product is designed to be heated straight from the freezer. Defrosting prior to heating may affect the cooking time, texture and flavour of the tapioca.

Can I refreeze the bubble packs once defrosted or heated?
Please refrain from refreezing. This will affect the texture of the tapioca pearls.

How long will the tapioca last after heating?
We highly recommend that you serve it immediately after heating. In an event where you don’t need to use it after heating, you may leave it in room temperature for up to 30 minutes. However, the texture and consistency may vary.

Is it normal for the bubble pack to expand during heating?
Yes this is normal. However, if the bubble pack look like it is about to pop, stop the heating and let it rest. If the tapioca pearls are not fully cooked, heat it up again for a bit longer. It is highly recommended to follow the heating guidelines to ensure the best quality of the tapioca pearls is maintained.

Is there a method to heat the bubble packs in bulk?
This can be done by using the water bath heating method. Place bubble packs in a pot of boiling water for approximately 180 seconds or until all tapioca pearls are translucent. Be sure to prevent the bubble packs from sticking to the bottom of the pot as this may cause the pack to melt.

    Where are your ingredients sourced from?
    • Our bubble pack ingredients are sourced from the home of bubble tea – Taiwan. Our manufacturer is ISO & HACCP certified and produces for world leading brands.
    • Our milk and milk substitutes are produced by Milk Lab, one of the quality milk suppliers in the market.
    • Our tea and other mixers are sourced from Taiwan, Japan, and locally where possible.

    For your convenience, 123 Bubble Tea has provided information relating to products and nutritional information shown on pack copy. However, as ingredients do change from time to time this is only intended as a guide and you should check before consuming. 123 Bubble Tea cannot always ensure the accuracy of product information. If you require specific information to assist in your purchasing decision it is recommended you make further enquiries of the manufacturer (see contact details on the packaging) or contact us at

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