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As avid bubble tea lovers just like you, we too have experienced the same dilemmas when it comes to our favourite drink. There are times when the tapioca pearls are either too hard or too soggy, not to mention the same plain pearls which gets boring over time. Perhaps you're not a fan of dairy but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a 'milky' version of your favourite beverage. You might have cravings at the weirdest hour but the shops are closed. The process of making it from scratch is just daunting and time consuming, nobody's got time for that!
We want you to be able to enjoy your favourite beverage how you want it, when you want it, thus 123 Bubble Tea was born! We have come up with an innovative way which removes the hassle of cooking tapioca pearls and the long preparation time. We also offer a variety of naturally flavoured tapioca pearls which is an Australia first. In just 3 simple steps, you are now able to enjoy your favourite beverage in a matter of minutes!
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